Education and Capacity Building


One of the major challenges in global health is lack of technical capacity in the developing nations to maintain equipment and use innovative strategies for the upkeep and improvement of hospitals. In this regard, we are interested in developing educational and technical solutions to empower local technicians, faculty and students for technical training and innovation. We are working at three distinct levels, namely technician training, undergraduate programs and graduate programs and research with our partners in the developing world. Current work in Zambia and Vietnam is focused on interdisiciplinary training in biomedical engineering at the interface of engineering and medicine. The key areas of interest include:

  1. Short training courses for technicians in hospitals and health-care facilities.
  2. Introduction of BME as a powerful tool for healthcare in the developing world.
  3. Integration of engineering tools and principles in medical education.
  4. Online courses for medical professionals, with a focus on integration of engineering tools.
  5. Curriculum design for BME at new and existing universities.
  6. E-education of BME, with a focus on local demands and local industries.

An effort in this regard was launched earlier this year, titled 100×100. Check it out at :

For more information on education and capacity building in developing nations see our recent publications

Partners: University of Zambia, International University of Vietnam, Center for Global Health and Development in Zambia, CGHD at BU.


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