Principle Investigator

Prof. Muhammad H. Zaman is an Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering. He joined BU BME after three years as an Assistant Professor at UT Austin. At UT Austin, he won numerous awards for his teaching style, ability and impact. These included ASEE Outstanding Assistant Professor Award, BME favorite professor award (the only professor to receive it twice in as many years, 2007 and 2008), College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching by an Assistant Professor Award (the youngest ever recipient, awarded in his second year as a tenure track faculty) and the highest award for teaching in the entire UT System (with over 18,000 faculty) the UT System Regents Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Zaman’ s teaching evaluations at UT ranked among the top 0.5% of the entire university. During his first year at BU (2009-10), Dr. Zaman mentored BME seniors who received the best senior design project titled “A robust solar powered pulse-oximeter for the developing world”. Dr. Zaman is also currently helping the University of Zambia start a minor program in biomedical engineering.

Graduate Students

Grace Wu is currently a graduate student in the Biomedical Engineering program at Boston University. She is currently working on a portable and robust CD4+ cell counter for rapid HIV monitoring and diagnosis in low-resource settings, integrating sample preparation, reagent storage, and sample analysis. She is also interested in healthcare education in the developing world. Grace obtained her BS degree in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley in 2008.


Erika Fong is a first year PhD rotation student.  Erika received her bachelor’s at UCLA in Computational and Systems Biology in June 2010.  She is currently working on developing a multiplex diagnostic device for resource limited settings.



Undergraduate Students

Meredith Duffy is a senior in Biomedical Engineering completing her senior project in the Zaman lab. As a Beckman Scholar in the BU Biomimetics and Tissue Engineering Laboratory of Joyce Wong, she has been conducting research on thermoresponsive, microtextured cell substrates for small artery replacement since June 2009. For her senior project, titled “Robust Devices for Drug Efficacy and Solubility Testing in the Developing World,” Duffy is working with Nadia, Paul and Darash to design a counterfeit drug tester using microfluidic techniques.


Amy Canham is a senior in Electrical Engineering with a Biomedical Engineering Minor.  She received the Lutchen Fellowship in April to travel to Zambia and identify medical technology needs in a developing context.  As a continuation of this work, she is using systems dynamics modeling to develop a methodology for optimizing decision-making and policy design in public health systems in resource-limited settings.  Her current focus is morbidity and mortality of community-acquired pneumonia in children in Zambia.  Amy is also a member of one of two pilot interdisciplinary senior design teams this year, along with Aaron (EE), Chris and Alex (BMEs).  Their project will take IRIS, a label-free diagnostic platform developed in the Ultra Lab @ BU, and develop a robust, low-cost, terrain-ready diagnostic kit for dengue fever.

Paul Vermilion is a senior in Biomedical Engineering with a dual degree in Hispanic Language and Literatures. He is currently working with Nadia, Meredith and Darash on his senior project, “Robust Devices for Drug Efficacy and Solubility Testing in the Developing World.” Paul has also been working on a computational tool to analyze flow and pressure data for arterial flow.  In past experience, he has created a computational method of automatically quantifying and  classifying fat distribution using full-body CT images that will be used in future projects to create predictive models of fat distribution.

Alexander Giannakos is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering working in the Zaman lab for the duration of his senior project.  He is collaborating with Chris, Aaron, and Amy, as a part of the interdisciplinary senior design team, to develop a robust diagnostic device for implementation in resource limited settings.  The main focus of the project is to bypass many of the infrastructural obstacles, which hinder effective diagnosis of Dengue in developing nations, by creating a device that is cheap and easy-to-use.

Nadia Ouhib is a senior in Biomedical Engineering. She is completing her senior project in the Zaman lab, working with Paul, Meredith and Darash on her senior project, “Robust Devices for Drug Efficacy and Solubility Testing in the Developing World.” Because of her experience and interest in the business of engineering, she is also undertaking efforts to pursue future establishment and funding of their device through the Boston University Entrepreneur Design Contest 2011.


Andrea Fernandes, MPH, is an experienced public health professional currently working with BU’s Biomedical Engineering Department in collaboration with the School of Public Health. She has worked extensively with government outfits and non-profit organisations in different contexts to engage stakeholders to implement and evaluate community-based interventions enabling positive health outcomes and improved quality of life. Fernandes has experience in local health systems development and design of sustainable, contextually significant strategies and solutions. Skills include proposal development, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation and qualitative research.

Benvy Caldwell is a recent graduate of BU’s Biomedical Engineering program and is now working towards her MPH in International Public Health.  Her past experience includes work in Honduras providing medical services and public health education for rural villages focusing on women and children.  Her current interest is in health capacity building through higher-level education, integrating engineering and public health.  She will be engaged in areas of project design, implementation, and evaluation, as well as aspects of policy development.


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